All surveys, research and empirical evidence suggest that Data and IT will decide the future corporate survival and that there is a definite need for knowledge on all Data Privacy, Protection, IT and Cybersecurity issues to create corporate value. The board of directors and senior management are more likely to make the high-quality decisions which will help the organisation achieve its objectives, manage its risks, and safeguard its reputation,if there is an adequate knowledge on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), GDPR, Data, IT And Cybersecurity issues and concerns and achieve familiarity on the critical IT Governance, Risk management, Compliance and IT Security matters among board members and senior management.

The Information Security Institute by Copenhagen Compliance® provides the Board of Directors and Senior Management a workshop to develop a framework as a fundament to further explore all future Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), GDPR, Data, IT And Cybersecurity issues and advances. We offer practical guidance on how to start the process of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things. GDPR, Data, IT And Cybersecurity knowledge and implementation with the board members and senior management that end with an assessment of the need, the program and the strategy for its future IT and Data structure and limitations. 

Disruption, transition, and transformation demands are inevitable
Active corporations with the right Data and IT knowledge will build trust and confidence among investors, regulators, customers, employees, and all those who have a stake in the company’s on-going success. The big decisions that will ensure corporate survival will depend on the knowledge and the ability to see the disruption, transition and transformation requirements for the company that will be inevitable.

In competitive global market conditions, the difference a useful board and directors can have on the ultimate success of the company means that processes for improving corporate performance should be made a priority-based with the IT and Data knowledge among its principal stakeholders.

A process of future corporate IT and Data structure and requirements that focuses on these areas will allow the chairman and the board to assess its effectiveness and to identify gaps in IT and data performance. The result will be that board future IT, and Data structure and obligations have become one of the most important innovations and developments in IT Governance, Risk management, Compliance and IT Security thinking and practice in the past decade.

The IT and Data activity must be owned by the chairman and the Board and is tailored to suit the needs of the business, and the requirements of the corporation based on the vision, mission and strategy of the company and how the board will guide management to achieve the objectives and the goals. 

We will explore the critical differences between an assessment on the current level of IT and Data maturity and particularly how the result will help the Board, Management and the companies to benchmark themselves against their maturity, competition and the global GRC and IT security requirements to operate in the future.

Workshop Objectives
The workshop will provide insights for developing the maturity of the corporate approach and start the IT and Data journey related to;

  • Assess the current organisational, Board and managements maturity and equip the participants with the knowledge and confidence to embrace the concept and how to deploy Data and IT as a performance improvement tool.
  • How to start, implement and execute the path of improving board performance
  • More widely, how can the Data and IT initiatives can be promoted in the organisation as a critical step in continuing to build the corporate ability as it pursues its ambition for leadership as well as survival?

The workshop will be concluded by an assessment of the future corporate, Board and the Management’s IT and Data structure and requirements with a questionnaire, templates to implement the outcomes and can be conducted with or without the help of an external consultant from the Information Security Institute by Copenhagen Compliance®.